[Hồ Chí Minh + Đà Nẵng + Hà Nội] Global CyberSoft tuyển dụng nhiều vị trí

  • Công ty mình đang cần tuyển nhiều vị trí với thông tin bên dưới, các bạn quan tâm vui lòng gởi CV qua email: dadnwk@gmail.com

    Fresh & Experienced Embedded Software Engineer (in Ho Chi Minh)
    • At least 2 years experience in programming with C/C++, java. (Experience is not required for Fresh level)
    • Strong knowledge of software architecture, popular design pattern in embedded software system, data structures and algorithms.
    • Strong experience using GDB under Linux environment.
    • Expert knowledge in concurrency, network-programming using either Linux system call or POSIX.

    Fresh & Experienced Java/.Net Software Engineer (in Ho Chi Minh, in Hanoi)
    • At least 1 years experiences in programming with Java or .NET. (Experience is not required for Fresh level)
    • Good at OOP, OOAD skills, SOA, design pattern, common framework, UML
    • DBMS: MS SQL, Oracle, DB2
    • Solid IT background knowledge (software applications development and testing, standards, best practices, security, networking, OS, DBMS, middleware, etc.)

    Tester (in Da Nang)
    • At least 1 year of testing experience.
    • Good Skill of Network, software development, testing.
    • Experience in testing tools for Mobile tests, Unit tests and Automation tests are a plus.
    • Good programming skill with JAVA/.NET/C++ is a plus.
    • Good Communication skills in English.
     Experienced Cobol – Java/.Net Software Engineer (in Da Nang)
    • At least 2 years experience in programming with COBOL.
    • At least 1 year of experience in JAVA or/and .NET development.
    • Experience in DBMS: MS SQL, Oracle and/or DB2.

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