[Urgent][HCM] 5 vị trí Python Web DEV 2017. Salary: 500 -- 1000 USD

  • http://inacomputing.com/
    Email: office@inacomputing.com
    Phone: 0903.858.289

    skype : lieuhoang


    Very good in teamwork discussion and collaboration
    Able to learn new technologies
    Flexible but persistent in solving challenging problems.
    Familiar with DevOps tools, e.g. GIT, Jenkin, Sonar, Swagger, etc.
    Able to work in an independent and agile manner.
    Very good in writing and presenting for Vietnamese/English technical documents.
    Are you eager in bringing your expertise, your insight of software development industry to grow with us, together?
    Your answer is YES ? This opportunity is for you!

    Have good knowledge about Microservices technologies.
    Have strong knowledge about REST-based Web services. Agile/Scrum is preferred.
    Strong technical knowledge in IT domain is a must. Have good knowledge about NoSQL data models and databases.
    Have good knowledge about Scalable service platforms in the cloud
    Have good knowledge about scalable queuing systems (e.g., RabbitMQ, MQTT).
    Have strong programming skills with Java, NodeJS, or Python in Unix/Linux systems.
    Fluent English to communicate directly with onshore and client

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