[URGENT] [HCM] 2 Python Developer

  • Appable is looking for 2 SENIOR PYTHON DEV

    • Very good in teamwork discussion and collaboration
    • Able to learn new technologies in the shortest time
    • Excellent trouble shooting.
    • Familiar with DevOps tools, e.g. GIT, Jenkin, SVN.
    • Able to work in an independent and agile manner.

    Technical Requirements

    • 3+ years of experience in Python
    • hands-on experience with ZOPE/ZOPE2 framework
    • Good understanding about ZCA(Zope Component Architecture)
    • hands-on experience with ZODB or Object Oriented Database
    • hands-on experience with AWS


    • Flexible working environment
    • Offering attractive salary
    • Have good opportunity working in US

    Website: http://goappable.com
    Contact: phuctran@goappable.com

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