[TIKI] PYTHON Software Engineer

  • At Tiki, we believe in growing a sustainable business with strong fundamentals. It means acquiring new customers not just based on promotion but also on excellent customer service. In the backend, it means aiming for efficiency and optimization in Supply Chain, Warehouse and Cost management. Together with a strong team, solid IT solutions is the key to enable all of those.

    As a member of Operation Product team, you will work on various solutions that manage our entire fleet of warehouses (inventory management, order processing) and Tiki delivery team. We also need to connect with and manage the cost and quality of our third-party logistics providers. At the same time, we also support our FNA team to track all the cash spent or need to be collected to optimize the cash flow. All of those will ensure that our orders are processed and delivered to customers with a very short leadtime and optimal cost. This is a key differentiation that help Tiki to survive and grow fast in a tough market like Vietnamese e-commerce.

    In more details, you will:

    Work with Product Owner to understand the requirement and build the product within aligned timeline
    Work with QC team to deliver bug-free product, build automation test
    Provide last-tier support for assigned product lines
    We have a strong team with diversified background and a keen interest on being the best in e-commerce. You will gain more domain knowledge in what probably is one of the hottest IT sectors right now and have chances to encounter and solve challenging problems at large scale (think of million of orders, millions of customers and a magnitude more of data in our backend system)

    Join us :)


    • 1 – 3 years of working experience.
    • E-commerce Operation knowledge is a plus.
    • Strong programming experience (Python/PostgreSQL). Odoo experience is a plus.
    • Be able to write automation test.
    • Performance optimization (front-end, back-end).
    • Open-source contribution is a plus.
    • Customer-oriented and have a high bar of quality.
    • Problem-solving.
    • Teamwork.
      If you are interested in Python Software Engineer position
      Please contact: phuc.truong@tiki.vn or skype: kingsley.truong for more detail

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