Python for Excel with PyXLL

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    For organizations who want to provide Python-based algorithms and analyses to end users in Excel, PyXLL makes Python a performant, flexible back-end for Excel worksheets. PyXLL streamlines deployment of new interactive analysis tools to end users to quickly roll out new strategies and algorithms. Teams in investment banks, hedge funds and engineering organizations worldwide are using PyXLL to bring the full power of the Python ecosystem to their Excel end-users.

    Why PyXLL?

    Python is embedded in Excel in-process for the best possible performance
    Leverage your existing Python code base.
    Increase productivity by using a modern dynamic language - Python.
    Reduce risk by storing code in version control instead of embedded in Excel.
    Deploy code updates more easily to Excel users with centralized code.
    Reduce coding iteration cycles by removing the compile-and-restart step usually associated with C++ add-ins.
    Improve productivity and performance using the full Python ecosystem: Numpy, Pandas, SciPy and the full SciPy stack.

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