[HCM] Full-stack web (Python/ NodeJS/ Javascript), salary up to $2,500

  • EYEQ TECH on the mission to inject intelligence into what doesn’t have it, from retail, advertising, banking to healthcare, robotics. Our clients include Vingroup, The Coffee House and 1 bank (NDA-ed)

    What we do exactly? We build a face recognition system. Imagine you walk into the bank, you don’t have to pull out ID card, but the staff still recognizes who you are and welcome you, then give everything you need to sign the moment you sit down, no time wasted.

    Check out the JD here: https://tinyurl.com/Eyeqfullstack


    • Salary: 2,500$/month, negotiable upwards if you think you deserve more.
    • Opportunities to work with large-scale and diverse range of products. Our futuristic advertising products will surely surprise you.
    • We value deliveries than time, so we don’t need to check over your shoulders, just commit your great code!
    • And much more!

    Apply to recruit@eyeq.tech,
    Any question, please feel free to ask at the same email above.

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