HCM - Seeking a Python or Full-Stack developer in District 3

  • ᗘ We seek creative like-minded people that love technology, and enjoy: building, learning and creating new things.

    Are you a Software Developer that loves coding? Please join our team. We are seeking Python and Full-Stack developers. No Computer Vision or AI experience is required.

    Apply today at https://aem.global/jobs

    We are a start-up that is developing standard systems along with advanced systems.

    As part of the team you will have the opportunity to assist in developing a state-of-the-art platform for video management and analysis that uses computer vision, deep-learning and neural networks to automate robots.

    As we also develop CRM and ERP systems, you will have the opportunity to help build management platforms for large multinational companies.

    We develop systems based on Odoo (python). If you have experience with this platform, please highlight it in your cover letter.

    Join our team to develop apps and choose your learning goals. If you want to learn advanced computer topics, we will teach you.

    -- Must-have skill sets --
    A keen interest in technology
    Willingness to learn
    Good communication skills

    -- Preferred skill sets --
    Python or Full-Stack experience is preferred but not necessary
    Experience in at least 2 languages
    SQL experience including database design

    Apply for a python / full-stack position at: https://aem.global/jobs/detail/python-developer-or-full-stack-developer-1

    -- Not required but great to have --
    Experience with:
    computer vision
    artificial intelligence
    neural networks
    linear algebra

    Apply for an AI role at: https://aem.global/jobs/detail/computer-vision-expert-artificial-intelligence-ai-master-5

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